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7 Essential Tips for Crafting the Perfect Google Ad

WME is an Aussie legend in the Google Ads game. We know exactly how to create sharp paid search content that engages the audience and wins new customers. We have witnessed just how effective a high quality paid search campaign can be for business owners looking to create a fast return on their investment.

We recommend Google Ads campaigns to business owners looking to make a big impact and win a high click-through rate in a short amount of time. We have helped thousands of clients achieve an amazing return on their investment and make the sales needed to invest in further digital marketing endeavours. These endeavours have then been used to cement our clients’ places amongst the top of Google organic search rankings.

This is what we’re here for and we love doing it. Naturally, we have put the craft of Google Ads down to a fine art, and one that uses top ad copy to produce higher click-through rates which, inevitably, lead to more sales!

Here, we are going to talk about how to create the most effective Google ads, covering elements like customer emotion, eye-catching copy and using ad bidding to optimise your customer impressions.

The Google Ads game is complex, but with a little skill, you too can put your ad at the top of the search engine results and realise big gains fast:


  1. Keep your customers close

You can have the world’s best ad copy but it will all go to pot if you’re not directing it towards your target audience. This is where savvy marketing comes into play to ensure that you are showing that competitor-beating ad to the audience that wants your product.

So, once you have your ad copy ready to go, you must ensure that you are using Google Ads’ Customizer function to select a location and that every available variation of the name is included. This will ensure that you are not just throwing your ads to the wind in a hopeful attempt at catching passing Google users.


  1. You don’t have to stick to the written word

It’s the digital era, and emojis have ingratiated their way into becoming part of the written word. And, when it comes to hyper-modern platforms like Google, there is no use in being old-fashioned. It’s time to welcome the new, and this includes using emojis in your Google Ads content. Why? Because they are eye-catching and stand out amongst the written word!

Let’s think about two ads in the paid search section. They are both in the sporting goods industry and both looking to sell basketballs and footballs. The first ad, despite being on top of the paid search section, doesn’t contain any emojis, whereas the second ad has a basketball and a footy.

Where will your eyes look first?

The ad that a customer first lays their enticed eyes upon is likely to be the ad they click on to buy their new footy and that’s why you should jazz your ads up with emojis.


  1. Bid to impress

First impressions are as important in digital marketing as they are in life. You want to make a stellar first impression on potential customers so that they remember your brand when they come to make that ultimate purchase decision. Therefore, you want your customers to see your trademark so that it subtly enters their minds and comes to the fore when they go to pick up what you’re putting down.

To do this, you have to optimise your Google Ads impressions. This is achieved through using the platform’s bidding tool to ensure that your ad is the one customers will see when they are researching your industry. After all, there is absolutely no point in creating a Google Ads campaign if it’s not going to be dropped in front of the customers’ curious eyes.


  1. Combine your accounts

One of the most important things you can do for business credibility in paid search is to combine your Google Ads with your Google My Business profile. Why? Because your Google My Business profile contains all the important information that shows you are a credible, operating business, and not some random entity that has potential customers questioning your actual existence!

Combining your accounts will help you win local leads as all your important information (address, phone number, website etc.) will be listed alongside your Google ad. What’s more, combining these digital marketing techniques ensures greater visibility to customers online (who could require shipping) and local leads (who can pop by your brick-and-mortar location).


  1. Keyword planning to perfection

Keywords, keywords, keywords. Yes, the most prominent phrase in digital marketing has its place in Google Ads, too. You’re going to want to use them if you plan on reaching your target audience. Therefore, it’s time to get out the Google Keyword Planner and define what your audience is searching online.

But don’t only use keywords in your Google Ads copy – match them with your landing page’s keywords to ensure a personalised user experience that speaks to their all-important needs!

Having relevant keywords in your ad copy will lead to higher click-through rates, whilst having matching keywords on your landing page will lead to lower bounce rates. Both of these elements are important for driving sales whilst improving your Quality Score – the metric that ranks how relevant your ads, keywords and landing pages are to your users’ search queries.


  1. Avoid irrelevance

The main goal of Google Ads is to present eye-catching, keyword-centric advertisements to your target audience, right? Yes, of course! But did you know that you can also incorporate negative keywords to avoid being swept up in a wave of irrelevant searches? This is one of the best ways to fine-tune your ad campaign whilst ensuring only quality leads are the ones searching your product or service.

This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Directing your traffic into the most relevant campaigns through adding, for example, a competitor’s name to your generic campaign to avoid their names being dropped in your campaign, and;
  2. Excluding search terms that are irrelevant to your product or service.

You should routinely check your list of search terms to stay on top of the words that could be bringing you down into an irrelevant slump.


  1. Don’t be afraid to switch it up

When we think of the term “Google Ads” we typically think of search ads – those Sponsored links that come up when we search for a particular product or service. But they don’t stop there, oh no, and you have a raft of powerful Google Ads options at your disposal to attract customers from all angles!

So, we believe that one of the best things you can do for your Google Ads campaign is to switch it up, get a little spicy with it, try something that you and, most importantly, your customers will really love.

The magnificent options at your disposal include:

  • YouTube ads: Yes, you too can be the creator of the ads that everyone seems to complain about but still provide a wonderful ROI when done correctly. You can target your video campaigns towards leads that are already watching content related to your product or service.
  • Display ads: Google Display ads are another awesome way to target your ad content to people who are already down with what you have to offer. Your Display ads will be targeted towards users who are researching similar products or services and this can pay amazing dividends to any savvy business owner.
  • Performance Max: This feature allows you to optimise your Ads campaign across all relevant channels including Search, Display, YouTube and more. Google says that business owners who use this feature experience an average of 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action – a winning statistic for business owners looking to maximise their ROI.


Don’t forget to let the experts help you

If at one, or multiple stages, of reading this piece you found yourself asking, “what on Earth are they talking about?” then don’t despair – Google is a complex platform with the power to overwhelm. But, you should never avoid incorporating its complexities into your campaign just because of a bit of digital marketing jargon.

Instead, you can always enlist the WME experts to amplify your campaign and create the ads that will make the sales. As aforementioned, we are the true professionals in creating the ideal Google ad, the one that the customers not only see but want to click on.

We will be more than happy to create such a campaign for you, too. Our dedicated team of Google Ads specialists will not only create copy that captivates, but will also bid the ads into the top place on Google’s search engine results.

All you have to do is call our team and we will have a chat about your Google Ads goals and how we can most certainly help you achieve them!