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How to make big sales online & why you should be doing it

The world is online. Business owners have an opportunity to sell their products to people around the corner or on the other side of the world. Chances are if you are reading this then you are looking to elevate your online sales potential. You may be looking to expand your existing business or ditching your brick-and-mortar store.

Regardless of the reason, we are here to help you make big online sales. There are numerous techniques you can enlist to enjoy massive online growth. However, the right strategy depends on what you are trying to achieve in the online arena. For example, you might sell a product that is aimed towards millennials, in which case a comprehensive social media campaign would be ideal!

Here, we will go through a few tips for making big sales online, as well as the awesome benefits of selling online:

    1. Always begin on a high quality sales platform

      You should always market your product on quality sales platforms. Some are designed as a general platform whilst others are designed to market specialist products. The most important thing here is to research platforms in conjunction with which one is most suitable for your brand.
      The wonderful thing about using reputable platforms is that they immediately provide you with an existing target audience. You might like to start selling in one of these third-party marketplaces before moving on to building your own website. The likes of Magento, Shopify and Wix are perfect for when you want to build your own website and market it through these platforms’ specialised sales plugins.

    2. Social media is business media, too

      Social media is one of the most powerful tools for creating brand exposure. Social media can be used to sell directly to customers, create brand awareness and engage with your audience. Social media is highly intelligent in the way that you can perfectly target your audience. This is done through using the platform’s business plugins.

      Whilst it is recommended to focus your social media efforts on creating brand awareness, you do have the option of selling directly through your social profiles. Therefore, if you have a product that your customers want and would directly purchase through social media (i.e. some fresh summer clothing) then you can advertise it directly to your audience!

    3. Dropshipping helps you save on capital

      Whilst making big online sales is the obvious goal you can also save on capital through using dropshipping. This awesome logistical service allows you to store your inventory elsewhere instead of having your own warehouse. This is perfect for small business owners who simply cannot afford to house stock in their own warehouse. There are minimal startup costs and it’s easy to start selling and delivering.

      You can also enlist the dropshipping provider to help you scale up if you need to store more products. It is a highly versatile sales necessity that helps you save on capital whilst alleviating the hassle of storing and delivering yourself!

    4. Enlist multiple channels to sell your products

      We’re not going to shy away from it: any business owner that wants to make massive online sales must enlist a multichannel approach. Digital marketing and eCommerce is a complex and versatile field that integrates various fields of expertise to create the perfect sales campaign. From SEO to social media, email marketing and Google Ads, there are many channels to cover and not a whole lot of time to cover them.

      So, what is recommended? Enlist the experts, of course. The experts have the skill and professionalism to create and manage all your online efforts. A comprehensive digital marketing firm has different teams to cover each aspect of your online campaign, with expert copywriters, metrics analysers, social pros and web developers just the start of a profound team of professionals. This is the most efficient way to quickly grow your online sales and it achieves spectacular results!

Why you should be selling online

There are myriad benefits for business owners to switch their focus to online sales. These benefits are extremely attractive for sole traders and small business owners who utilise an efficient eCommerce strategy to amplify their online sales potential. Here are some of the main advantages of taking your business online:

      1. Enhanced flexibility

        eCommerce provides enhanced flexibility that you wouldn’t enjoy solely operating a brick-and-mortar store. You can choose your own hours and live a more independent life. You can also work wherever you want (especially with the help of dropshipping in your corner!). Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to optimise your private life whilst enjoying a lucrative professional life then online sales is perfect for you.

      2. Save on overheads

        Opening any brick-and-mortar establishment comes with huge overhead costs. From rent to renovations and everything in between, you can be sure that operating a physical store is bound to cost a lot more than an online business. Sure, there are always going to be costs when opening an online business, but they are a lot smaller than opening a physical location!

        You will likely pay for digital marketing, product storage and web hosting. However, these costs are much smaller than a physical location, especially when you would need to pay for them in addition to the overheads associated with a brick-and-mortar store.

      3. The passive income dream

        You can achieve the business owner’s dream of earning a passive income with an online store. Quality sales platforms are constantly active, meaning that if you can generate web traffic and conversions, you are then likely to make sales at all times of the day. This is also perfect for people who have a primary profession but want to sell products online as a form of secondary income.

      4. Massive customer reach

        Online sales helps you reach a massive audience – this simply cannot be done with a physical location. You can easily sell to customers in other locations and enjoy greater exposure to a wider target audience. This will help generate conversions and sales whilst expanding your business in the process. This is a much faster way to generate profit and perfect for selling niche products on a wider scale. This is in stark contrast to a physical location, which often suffers to generate sales for niche products as there may not be a large following for that product in the particular area.

      5. Make your business grow

        A business that sells online can expect much faster and greater expansion. You can easily reach a massive target audience and develop your brand. What’s more, it is also possible to expand your target audience to reach customers from across the globe. With fewer overheads and greater opportunities you can easily witness massive sales and growing business like never before.

      6. There is a massive product range

        You can essentially sell whatever legal product you want online. The online marketplace is constantly expanding and customers are always looking for what they need and for great prices. If you want to start an online business but are unsure of what to sell then try the following:

        1. Conduct market research including around your competitors;
        2. Estimate costs and sales forecasts;
        3. Ensure that your product is viable before you start selling!

What to research

You should research the following product categories to ensure that you have the right product or service to offer your target audience:

      1. Physical products

        Physical products are the backbone of online sales. This can be anything from clothing to electrical goods, furniture and sporting equipment. You can either produce your own products or resell another company’s products – the point is that you have a world of goods at your disposal that can easily be directed towards a target audience that wants what you have to offer!

      2. Digital goods or services

        The online marketplace is a great way to sell digital goods like software, online services like consultancy/tutoring, eBooks and other online products or services. This service has grown in recent years and has now become an integral part of the online marketplace. Sure, it can be more difficult to make traction than if you were reselling a company’s physical products, but it can be very lucrative for vendors offering a quality digital product.

      3. Artisanal products

        Customers from across the globe are always searching for high quality artisanal goods found online. From stunning artworks to gorgeous clothing, jewelry and anything else you can imagine, the Internet is a wonderful place to find stylish goods. So, if you have been making something super special of late that you want to share with the public, the online marketplace is the best place to make it happen aside from your local artisans market.

See your business grow like never before

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